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Extreme Mobility Camps, Inc. (XMO)

We believe that Extreme Mobility Camps, Inc. is a ministry that provides unconventional evangelism. We have seen changes in the lives of the blind/visually impaired athletes that participate in our programs, the trainers that volunteer with us walk away with a stronger relationship with Christ. It is our belief that the challenge by choice extreme action sports increases self-awareness and self-confidence. We challenge blind individuals with action sports, support them in an encouraging environment, and empower them to live more fulfilled lives. Extreme Mobility, or “XMO” as some call it, believes that individuals with disabilities are being limited from reaching their full potential due to the environment they are raised in. With an unemployment rate of 70%, 86% living off supplemental security income, and a depression rate twice as high as “able-bodied” individuals, Extreme Mobility Camps uses “extreme” action sports such as rock climbing, jet ski driving, snowboarding, surfing and many more, in conjunction with Spiritual, motivational sessions, and vocational training to empower blind and visually impaired individuals to live more fulfilled lives;
where physical impairments don’t limit the potential a person is capable of reaching.

– XMO challenges its’ participants through action.

– XMO supports its’ participants in an encouraging environment with motivational speakers, life coaches, vocational training and confidence building activities.

– XMO empowers its’ participants to reach their full potential with a program designed to stimulate growth through challenge, in a safe and encouraging environment.


Extreme Mobility has a vision to expand their camps to reach all disabilities and have camps year-round. For further information, go to: xmocamps.org



Founded by Union College grads Bryan and Mindy Schwartz in 2009, Extreme Mobility Camps empowers blind and visually impaired youth to reach their full potential through participation in action sports, motivational programs and vocational training.



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