International Children's Care


International Children’s Care

Versacare enjoys a long-standing partnership with the International Children’s Care organization. We are proud to partner with this outstanding humanitarian organization, which has cared for literally thousands of homeless and abandoned children since 1977. We have provided resources for their development operations in The Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Over the years our grants have amounted to approximately $1,200,000.00. Obviously I.C.C. is a major partner of Versacare and we look forward to continue our working relationship in the future with them in order to provide long-term life, hope and love to many more of the orphaned and abandoned children of our world.

International Children’s Care was formed by Christian laypersons in 1977. At the beginning, it was to meet a need that arose in Guatemala after the devastating earthquake there, which left so many children homeless. However, since there are many other areas of need in this world, their original charter was changed in order to fund and operate programs for homeless and needy children wherever the need exists. Guatemala was the beginning of this amazing ministry.

From the beginning, they resolved that this should not be a typical orphanage, but a unique program called “children’s villages” and were designed to consider the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of the child. In other words, they would not simply provide food and a roof, but provide “homes of hope,” a Christian education, and create “families” in an atmosphere that would bring love and security to these children. With that in mind they started the cottage, group-home plan. Instead of large numbers of children in one building, the children are placed in individual “family homes,” located on small acreages. The basic plans for each Children’s Country Village includes ten homes for children, an administration building, an elementary school, duplexes for staffing, small cottage industries for enabling better consistent financial support of their budgets, and a shop or industrial building for their internal campus needs.

“In 2017 there are 4 different items that are the top needed items for ICC in this year’s grant. The first two are for our children’s village in Mexico. The first is for a solar water system that will greatly reduce the monthly electrical dependency each month on the local utility district. Electrical is very expensive in Mexico for that project and we know that this system will work as needed. We also have an overall need to change our electrical system on the entire campus that will also result in lower monthly statements from their budget. The third is for a cold storage facility that we can add on to our existing warehouse in order to reduce the cost of a totally independent structure. The project desperately needs cold storage to preserve their food. The remaining items are for Guatemala in order to provide two different homes for the children’s need of additional staffing on that campus in order to take care of and provide an education to our children there.”

Versacare continues to be proud to partner with ICC. Today, ICC is operating 14 Children’s Villages, with over 500 orphaned and/or abandoned children, in various countries around the world. They do this while standing in place of the outstretched arms of Jesus Christ. For more information on ICC, go to their website at



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