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The Guatemala Wells Project

Water for Life continued the work of bringing safe water to remote villages in Guatemala in 2017. WFL completed 11 wells this year, bringing the total to a milestone of 100 wells! We estimate that 30,000 people have access to safe water every day as a result of the wells that have been completed and are in operation. Most of these wells are in remote villages where there is no grid power. These are hand pumps or solar powered.

As WFL has expanded the number of wells, the maintenance of the wells has necessarily expanded. We have three men in Guatemala, one full time and two part-time, who work steadily to make repairs when needed to keep all the wells in operation. We have made improvements in the pumps themselves to extend the life of the pumps. One of our volunteers is devoted to this work. We are now testing the pumps to determine the efficacy of the improvements.

Water for life benefited from the service of 23 volunteers this season starting in late December through the middle of April. Most volunteers stay for at least two weeks and some stayed for two months. They come from all walks of life and pay all their own travel expenses. Many are devoted to this work and return year after year to help us. We could not do this work without them.

One highlight this year was our assistance in the importation and distribution of 140 PET (personal energy mobility) devices to persons who are without the use of their legs. These devices are hand-powered carts that bring crippled people out of the dirt and into lives of dignity. The machines were gratefully received and our presence in the community was enhanced.

WFL continues to deliver donated medical equipment to the Ministry of Health and Government Hospital. The surgeon at the hospital was thrilled to receive a used endoscope. They did not have one of these devices before this donation. They have invited us to recruit physicians to help them with the medical work. We are trying to interest volunteers to fulfill this invitation.
We did not have any medical or dental volunteers this year to carry out medical and dental work in villages, but we are hopeful to be able to do this next year.

WFL partnered with Upper Columbia Conference and provided support for out-reach volunteers who built a church in a remote village where there was an active Adventist congregation. Our vehicles and coordination made this effort possible. We have now assisted in the construction of 15 churches in the area and distributed thousands of Bibles and millions of pieces of Spanish literature provided by Light Bearers.

Water for life is making an impact on thousands of people through the delivery of clean water and medical equipment and supplies. This unique platform of providing for basic needs opens the hearts of the people to the love of God and the good news of our soon returning Savior. They eagerly receive Bibles and Spanish literature and readily accept Bible truths. The people in our region of Guatemala are hungry for more. In one area, as a result of our evangelism efforts, an entire congregation of Sunday keeping Christians decided the Sabbath was day ordained by God and they now worship on the Sabbath.

The funds Versacare provides are the backbone of our financial structure. We depend on the funds you provide to smooth out the ups and downs of donations and to provide important predictability to our yearly budgets. We thank you for what you have done for us and what you continue to do. We are always seeking ways to improve and expand the work in Guatemala and thereby save souls for the kingdom. The assistance of Versare is crucial to that effort.

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