Pine Springs Ranch

Fund Scholarships for Summer Camp

TSECC: Pine Springs Ranch

Pine Springs Ranch Camp and Retreat Center serves thousands throughout Southern California, both within and beyond our conference membership. We annually set aside monies for scholarships for underserved children to attend summer camp, working with the foster care system, various other non-profit organizations, and local churches to identify children and youth who could benefit from such an experience. We are still in recovery mode from the devastating forest fire that destroyed several buildings four years ago and hope to finally begin work on the rebuild of the maintenance facility in late January/early February. Due to escalating building costs, we are trying to ensure we have monies set aside to also be sure the ministry stays strong, and that we are able to still bring underserved youth to this amazing place of retreat and transformation throughout the summer months. We have appreciated the support we’ve received from Versacare in previous years that has helped us bring children from San Bernardino and other areas who are underserved, especially those in the foster care system.



Scholarships for summer camp.



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