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As a partner with Versacare in the implementation of global healthcare projects, Adventist Health International proposes to use a $100,000 Versacare grant as follows: (1) Lusaka, Zambia: On a 10-acre parcel of land donated to AHI, the latter plans to build a multi-specialty clinic in Chalala, on the outskirts of Lusaka, capital of Zambia, beginning in the current year, 2016 through 2017. This clinic will be staffed-anchored by a Loma Linda University medical graduate (Lauren Sandefur) and her Husband, Travis, who are already on the ground in Lusaka moving this project forward.

Architectural drawings and floor plans are complete, and ground breaking for the 10,000 sf Chalala clinic was held in a November 2016 AHI visit. A house on the grounds is ready for occupancy by the young couple leading this project. The intent is to also recruit Adventist healthcare professionals in the city to come together in practice in a Church identified facility. Nearly $700,000 has already been raised for the $1,000,000 clinic, with another $200,000 committed.

The Chalala clinic will serve both affluent and indigent urban populations from Lusaka. AHI proposes to designate $50,000 of the Versacare grant toward the Chalala clinic.

Adventist Health CentreLilongwe

Adventist Health International (AHI) has had a health care presence in Malawi for 10 years. This system now includes Malamulo Hospital in the south, a multi-specialty hospital and clinic in Blantyre, the Country’s financial center, a dental and medical clinic in Lilongwe, the nation’s capital, and a broad network of 17 health centers scattered across the country.

With the recent recruitment of Dr. Greg Saunders, an experienced surgeon, it is time to expand the clinic in Lilongwe to become a small hospital with surgical options. A Versacare grant in 2017 allowed AHI to construct a modern surgical suite with supporting rooms, along with the acquisition of appropriate equipment. This now provides for multiple general surgery and OB/GN procedures on site. This improved service setting is eminently more suitable to serve a growing population in that nation’s capital interested in accessing Adventist health care. There are already requests for expanding this facility into an even larger hospital in this growing city.

Jengre Adventist HospitalNigeria

Jengre Adventist Hospital in northern Nigeria sits at the interface between the Christian and Muslim cultures. It has long anchored the health care needs of this largely rural agriculture community. Because many of its patients are on the edge of the cash economy, there are often insufficient funds to pay even the low rates for health care offered by Jengre, resulting in delayed care and often-tragic consequences.

To compensate for this environment, AHI has built an Amenities Ward, or private ward, on the hospital compound. There is sufficient wealth among a few in the surrounding area that can afford and desire private rooms with more amenities. This new building is largely completed and has cost around $55,000, with 4 single and 2 double occupancy rooms. Our experience elsewhere is that this facility may soon provide a significant proportion of the hospital budget, enabling Jengre to continue to serve the poorest of the poor as part of its 70-year mission.

Versacare provided a major portion of the funding for this new strategy. It is a proven, though indirect way to allow a rural hospital to survive and continue its mission of service.

Versacare via The Versafund, is pleased to partner with AHI as they continue to influence and care for Adventist Hospitals and Clinics around the world. For more information, please visit



AHI is a formal partner organization with Versacare for the implementation of global healthcare programs. Versacare approved the use of its $100,000 grant for 2018



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